Consulting – Training – Coaching – Assessment

1- HR Consulting

Your HR Strategy Partner

We combine our extensive knowledge of strategy and operation in HR Management. We offer our clients a Human Resource consultancy from legal, set-up companies in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and France to staffing and contract management. Our experts’ proven methodologies and customised solutions are what we offer so that you can optimize your plans, save cost and time, create a productive and engaged fit workforce by:

– HR Management manuals and Regulatory Affairs: Contracts, Labor, Payroll, C&B and administrative procedures

– Recuitment by Executive search (Europe, North Africa and Middle-East)

– Expatriate, VISA and Relocation Global Services (North Africa)

2- Training

Encouraging and inspiring visions

We provide a variety of training programs to individuals and organizations. Our training content offers a mixed approach of “Learning by Coaching”.  This option helps our clients develop a maximum of potential and grow-up with real business/life cases. Our trainers use “psychology” and “life” experience to personalize each case.

Our tools: Neurolinguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis, Dynamic Spiral, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Dramatic Triangle, Bio-dynamic Relaxation, Ofman’s Quadrant, …)

Our programs:

– Leadership Development Certification

– Stress management and balance life/business

– Management skills, professional efficiency and Excellence Certification

– Teambuilding & Cohesion Process Certification

– Coaching Certification

3- Coaching

You are our “Important” then Tapped in your full potential

We offer both business and life coaching by our experienced and accredited coaches. Our coaching program is designed to help individuals overcome challenging issues, stretch their thinking and help them to reach their potential.

ICF tells us about Coaching:

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Why Talentas Coachs?

Glad to be the first accredited algerian Coach by international US Coach Federation and part of 27,089 Coaches in 136 countries.

Mixed background of Psychology, leadership and Management experience with multinationals. 

Talentas Coach team has been selected within the same level of demands and certification in order to be part of our customer’s success.

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4- Assessment Centre & Psychometric testing:

Become psychometric and professional Assessor

Our registered and trained Psychologists can provide you with psychometric testing and Assessment Centre tools. We can recommend valid and reliable tools that will meet your needs, and undertake delivery, reporting and debriefing.

All our tests are accredited by the International Association of Testing and the European Federation of Psychology.


– Personality

– Management and leadership (Executives, Managers, sales version)

– Job matching report

– Behavioral Intelligence

– Stress and Emotional Quotient

– Motivation and interest

– Talent and potentiality mapping

– 360° feedback

– Matrix & DNA reports

Wellbeing, Psychological support and counseling:

If life leads you to ask questions, seek one-off psychological support or want to start therapy. It is then sadness, anxiety, insomnia, lassitude and even intense moral suffering that lead to the use of a professional.

Need help? One of our psychologists will listen to you.